Packing Guidelines
To help minimize any possible damage to your items in transit, consider some tips listed below that would help to maintain the integrity of your parcel/package.

When packing the shipments:

  • Remove old shipping labels and markings.
  • Do not overload. It is always better to balance the weight within the box.
  • Use a big and strong box to support the weight of your items. It is always advisable to use a double-wall box for heavy items.
  • Ensure there is no movement/less space of items within the box to prevent items from shifting and breaking in transit.
  • Place some scrap cardboard under the final seal of each box to avoid the content damage when open the box with knife.
  • Seal the parcel well. (It is advisable to use with pressure-sensitive packing tape or factory glued flaps). Also, sealing the edges to adds stability and reduces the risk of tampering.
  • Internal packaging fillers are important for holding contents firmly in place providing protection from normal external package handling and transportation forces.

When shipping anything which is breakables/fragile:

  • Wrap breakable/fragile items individually to minimize internal breakage.
  • Glass items containing liquid should be packed in non-porous package to prevent contamination of other items in the package.
  • Make sure to fill all empty space in the package to avoid external package handling and transportation forces.
  • Use bubble wrap/ Styrofoam inserts/packing peanuts to ensure that the package can avoid the natural knocking it will receive whilst the items in transit.
  • Seal it in plastic or wrap it with something protective to avoid from damaging by dampness

Labeling Shipments:

  • Write the recipient’s address correctly and legible on the box.
  • Direction Labels or Package Handling Labels should be used on exterior packaging whenever applicable such as "This Side Up” or "Fragile".
  • Fill and complete the UTS Logistics airway bill and ensure that labels are completely stuck down so that no edges are up that may allow it to get ripped off.

TIPS: Always include an extra copy of the shipping and return address/details inside the package in case something happens to damage the outside label. Someone can either still complete the order, or return the package to you.

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